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"From piece-goods to finished products"


Founded in 1989 from Seoul, IB Corporation is a textile and garment manufacturer specialized in sportswear. We not only manufacture goods but also import and deliver to warehouses in the US.

We have always been a company that places a priority in


superior quality / quick delivery / affordable price.


With our experience and overseas network, we are able to deliver a product that is affordable while following the customer's trends and needs.

Our US office, located in the heart of the garment disctrict in New York, focuses on a direct communication with the customersto develop a one-on-one relationship, as well as being quick in replying and sourcing.

Our production facilities are based in China and the fabrics are produced from either Korea, China or Taiwan depending on the product.

As a vertical operation, we offer all the advantages of a much faster production process yet, consistent in quality. Therefore, our customer can increase their profit.

We pride ourselves on always having an honest and customer-orientedattitude that helps our customers to not only grow successfully but also develop humane and trustworthy relationships with us.



New York office - Contact: Brian Koh | Tel: 212.967.7070 | Fax: 212.967.3583 | Email: briankoh@ibintlcorp.com




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